Types of mounting structures for solar panels

Types of Mounting Structures for Solar Panels

Mounting structures for solar panels support photovoltaic modules that generate electricity from sunlight. These structures are designed to house the solar panels safely and at an ideal angle in order to allow them to collect the most amount of sunlight possible.
Because solar energy is the way of the future, the technology is evolving at a rapid pace to achieve more efficient and cost-effective components that help to get the most out of the plant in general. The solar module mounting structure is one of the most important areas of innovation in this process.
Solar module mounting structures is one of the most important components of a solar system since it helps to increase the amount of energy produced while also ensuring the panels are kept safe from all external conditions. Solar panels are the most expensive component in a solar power plant and the module mounting structures need to be strong enough to stand through and hold the panels in extreme outdoor conditions for its entire life cycle of 25 years. While doing the job of ensuring the safely of the solar modules the mounting structure is also designed to face the solar panel towards the sun at the an ideal angle as the solar panels perform best when the sunlight they absorb is at a perpendicular angle to the sun or as close to that as possible.

The Main Three Types of Solar Mounting Structures for Solar Panels.

#1. Rooftop Mounting Structure 

Solar PV panels can be mounted on the roof of any commercial or residential building, big or small houses, industrial roofs, etc. Due to the varied roofs as well as the usability of the roofs there is a wide variety of solutions for installing rooftop solar mounting structures. 

#2. Ground Mount Structures

Solar PV panels can be installed on the ground by using Fixed Tilt Structures, Seasonal Tilt Structures or Trackers. Any open shadow free parcel of land could be used to install a solar power plant. The choice of the ground mount structures depends on various factors. it is important to conduct a geo technical survey to understand the soil conditions based on which the foundation has to be deigned as each location has its own unique characteristics.

#2. Floating Solar Structures

One of the most innovative inventions of recent rimes has brought about the possibility of installing solar panels on water bodies. This extremely clever invention has unlocked tremendous potential and opportunity for many locations wherein previously installing a solar power plant was inconceivable. This solar module mounting structure is made of special materials designed to float on the water body making it a very special site to behold.

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