Solar Power Generating System

Solar Power Generating System - Plan of Action

The plan of action for the installation of a solar power generating system should investigate upon three major areas –

  • Try and reduce carbon footprint while saving money at the same time by optimising the design.
  • Decision-making after considering all factors should be done with immense care.
  • One of the key components in a solar power generating system is the module mounting structure which varies from site to site and is responsible for upholding the investment.

Environmental factors should be considered when installing a solar mounting structure and the design needs to safeguard against wind speeds and snow loads while optimising structural integrity and cost.  Mounting structures are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and need to last the life cycle of 25 years while maintaining its strength for the entire period.

1) Wind speeds  

Wind speeds are different in all locations and divided by wind zones based on data collected over a substantial period of time. Due to climate change we are witnessing change in weather conditions all over the world and therefore having a robust mounting structure is extremely important. 

2) Snow load

Some places receive heavy snowfall but that does not mean we cannot install solar panels in these areas. However the mounting structures need to be capable of holding up the panels with the additional weight of snow. 

3) Sturdiness

The Mounting Structures need to be very sturdy in order to tackle the extremely harsh outdoor  weather conditions and go through all the seasons. Rooftop mounting structures usually use aluminium which ensures durability and is lightweight as well.

4) Aesthetics

Aesthetics are a subjective factor but it has become an important task for architects to create the  perfect building design incorporating a solar installation. Along with the aesthetics we need to also ensure accessibility for cleaning the solar panels as well as maintaining the entire solar plant.

Solar panels are easy to install, last for decades, require little maintenance and pays for itself within a matter of a few years. Having a well designed solar mounting suture ensures quicker installation time and has also made it possible to enable people to deploy solar power plants anywhere on the planet. 

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