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Requisites for the perfectly engineered solar module mounting structure

Solar Module Mounting Structure

The Solar Module Mounting Structure (MMS) are required for open field (ground) as well as rooftop installations. The structures should be designed with optimum dimensions to avoid shadowing and ensure long-lasting durability. These can be availed as standard units or tailored to meet the requirements of each customer. Ground mount structures are deigned to support all soil conditions – from dry deserts to hard rocky terrains and Rooftop structures are designed to be installed on all types of roofs from industrial to flat RCC roofs.

What are the requisites for the perfectly engineered solar module mounting structure?

Here’s how our dedicated team customises long lasting solutions for you: 

  • Our solutions go through constant innovation which help us meet the various market demands based on site conditions as well as changes in solar module sizes.
  • All our components used to install the solar mounting structures undergo strength and quality tests before installation.
  • Our structures are manufactured keeping in mind the requirement of completing the project life cycle of minimum 25 years.
  • the components proposed to clients consists of Aluminium, Steel with 80micron galvanisation and SS hardware to ensure there is no rusting or oxidation of the structures.
  • Quality does not come cheap but we do our best to ensure the solutions offered fit well with the project budget but without compromising on the quality whatsoever.

We go by the fact that solar power holds the key for a brighter future. Our design helps ensure that the solar panels mounted on our structures attracts the maximum radiation from the sun which helps ensure maximum generation and achieve the lowest possible Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE). With a robust clientele, our portfolio is enriched with efficient and state of the art solar solutions. Solar Module Mounting Structure are a small component in terms of value in the overall project costing but extremely critical for any project as it is responsible for holding up the entire investment so comprise is not an option. 

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