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Important Points to Consider Before Installing Solar Power Plant

Important Points to Consider Before Installing Solar Power Plant

When it comes to investing in installing solar power plant asset, choosing the right components is paramount. It is extremely important to conduct precise calculations and know everything there is to know about the product and its characteristics because it is a large investment and has an extremely long life cycle of 25 years. While many experts are now available to advise potential buyers on every aspect and factors related to their future decision, it is possible that you do not have access to such a consultant or simply do not have the time or patience to inquire about every aspect of solar plants and their installation.
To make your decision making process a little easier and less time consuming, we’ve compiled a list of some important factors to consider before installing a solar power plant. If you think about these issues and have ready answers it is more likely that you will be able to choose the right components from all the numerous options available.

1.How long do you intend to use the facility where the solar power plant will be installed?

It will take at approximately 4 to 5 years for your solar investment to pay for itself so makes sense to invest in a solar power plant if you plan on using the facility for a substantial amount of time in order to get a return on your investment.

2. Amount of energy required to keep your facility running.

The amount of energy consumed varies based on the electrical load being powered. The solar plant needs to be designed based on the consumption pattern of the facility by studying the previous 12 months electricity bills.

3. Type of roof.

Different facilities have different roofs which could impact the solar power plant in various way. The roof will play a part in deciding the number of solar modules which can be installed as well as the performance of the solar modules depending on the roof orientation.

4. Geographical location.

The location of the solar power plant also impacts on whether it makes sense to install solar panels. Shadow issues need to be analysed incase there are any tall buildings or trees which could cast a shadow on the solar panels which would impact the output of energy. The ideal site for a solar installation is a completely shadow free area in order for the solar panels to generate maximum electricity through out the day.

5. Price range

Price is a major decision factor as there is a significant upfront cost which needs to be recovered over the project life cycle. Price varies depending on the components you choose but it is advisable to invest into quality components as it is a long term investment. The good thing about solar is that it is modular in design so it can always be scaled up depending on budgets available from time to time. 

6. Selecting the right installer 

Once all the above points are taken into consideration and a decision is made to install a solar project it is very important to choose the right installer who will use quality components and ensure the installation is done by following best industry standards. The plant performance is dependent on the installation being done as per the design and also ensuring the plant is properly maintained to ensure minimum downtime over its life cycle. 

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