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Ground Mounting Structure

Ground Mounting Structure

Ground mounting structure are installed to support PV Modules from which it can generate power from sunlight. These mounting structures position the solar panels at an  ideal angle based on each site location to ensure that the panels collect maximum sunlight possible by being perpendicular to the sun rays.

Solar Power is the way of the future and we are constantly looking for more efficient and cost-effective components in order to extract the most power out of this clean technology. The mounting structure is one of the most important areas of innovation as it helps us harness as much sunlight as possible.

For open field installations we need to install the solar panels on Ground Mount Structure. Any shadow free open space can be used to erect the solar mounting structure on which the modules can be housed. As listed below, there are three different types of ground mounted solar structure.

Fixed Tilt Mounting Structure: These structures are designed in such a way that the solar modules are at a fixed angle and are fit and forget as once installed there is no need to make any changes to the same.  

Seasonal Tilt Mounting Structure: These structures are engineered in such  way that the angle of the modules can be modified within a certain range to try and maximise the sun radiation falling on the solar panels by moving the tables by a few degrees due to the change in sun path that takes place through the year. This is done maybe 3 to 4 times a year.

Tracking Systems: These structures are the most advanced type of ground mount structures and are designed to track the sun on a minute to minute basis throughout the year ensuring the plant owner can get the maximum possible generation for the solar modules installed on them. There are different variation of trackers but the end goal is to ensure the project IRR is improved and the best possible Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is achieved.

We provide all types of Ground Mounting Structure and our solutions are engineered to overcome any and all challenges that may come up in extreme outdoor conditions. When it comes to incorporating solar energy, Ultra Mounting is the brand you can trust.

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